måndag 25 mars 2013

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Illustrators and authors of children´s literature from West Sweden have an active network. Check out our blog! Please have a look at this selection of our members children´s books. For more information, please visit our member site where all authors and illustrators have links to their publishers, alternatively to their own, websites.

This image is taken from Peter Ekberg and Mattias Olssons book "A ticket to the stars" (En biljett till stjärnorna) which was published in 2013. The image is a portrayal of an idea made famous by physicist Frak Dyson, concerning harnessing solar energy and making it available for long distance spaceflight.

This image is taken from Peter Ekberg and Sven Nordqvists book on philosophy for young readers "Think for yourself" (Tänk själv) which was first published in 2009. The girl says: "What if...!?" And the text below suggests: "Maybe your thought will change the world.

Dreamcat. Maud Mangold, author: Sassa Buregren, illustrator.

Illustration out of a picture book by Pernilla Stalfelt author and Pia Johansson illustrator, swedish title "Gubben som grät".


Landmér, Rebecca. Io längtar. Author and illustrator: Rebecca Landmér. Published by: rebaland, English title: Io's sense of longing.

A book about doing playful crafts together with children, swedish title Pyssla tillsammans. Written and illustrated by Ingela Jonasson.

"Lilla Havsboken" (The Small Book about Sealife). Illustrator Annika Rockström (responsible for this image, six other illustrators contribute to the book). Author Ann Westermark and Annika Rockström.

Zippen målar musik. Author: Linda Palm. Illustrator: Jessica Lindholm.

Lea, by Helena Karlsson. Illustrations by Lisen Adbåge.
Oliver, Lynn and the Chinese Cousins, by Maria Aminoff. Illustrations by Nathalie Uppström. www.oliveremma.com
Author and Illustrator: Lene Due Jensen. From Bodils Birthdayparty. Alfabeta 2012. www.leneduejensen.com/

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